After we went through the 90’s, it’s about time that we move on and stock up our wardrobe, because we are back in 2000. Your are going to see it all from A-Z; Velour Tracksuit a la Juicy Coutur (hey Kanye), hip jeans and cargo pants – but thank god you won’t see any strings flashing out this time because we are all into brief boxer!
Medium- or high waist, with these you can’t do no wrong.
Even I pulled out a classic one from my collection; my Fila sweater, that I probably haven’t seen in 10 years.
Back then way too big for me, it now fits perfectly even though the collar is a little tight.
Throw on an old jeans jacket, polish your nameplate chain and you are good to go!It’s crazy how trends come and go. If i would have known, I would have told my Mama to keep my Adidas Superstar and the rest of my clothes exactly where they are, just to pull them out 10 years later.
Well, if I would have known….

IMG_4431F IMG_4426F-WiederhergestelltIMG_4423FIMG_4408FIMG_4409-WiederhergestelltF

IMG_4453-Wiederhergestellt1 IMG_4452F IMG_4448F IMG_4436F

Cap – ‘ Printed Leather Hat’ American Apparel
Fila Sweater – Vintage
Jeans Jacke – Vintage
High Waist Jeans – ‘Easy Jean’ American Apparel
Shoes – Nike Air Huaraches ‘ Light Bone’

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