Watch Out Nicki! Lady Leshurr is coming your way…

If you haven’t heard from her yet, it’s about time!
I’m talking about Lady Leshurr, a female Rapper from the U.K.
Within one day her recent Video with the latest Track “Queen’s Speech Ep. 4” burst into limelight and took over the whole Internet.
I gotta say I’m already in love with her attitude, style and music.
Not only did she start messing around with her own raps and songs at age 6 but you can feel that girl got it.
I don’t wanna compare her to Nicki, well the old Nicki, because let’s be honest – I’m not happy with Popstar Nicki…
BUT talk about worthy competition!
I think she’s what the Industrie is missing, a female rapper who sticks to their own style of music and Lady Leshurr has that pretty much unlock in the underground scene for the past years.
While dishing out impeccable lines in her latest Rap Series, she’s also bringing up the hottest news in Pop-Culture.

Lady Leshurr, that Gurl is fire!!!

But check out for yourself…

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