After letting the FENTYxPuma collection sink in for a day and the internet take over with pictures and videos my mind screamed every time of excitement!
When I sat in front of my laptop streaming the show I had a heart attack, I just fell in love with every piece instantly.

This is the first full collection after teaming up with the german sportswear brand Puma. The first debut of their Creeper series was a huge success for not only women but men copping the shoe.
This collection includes so many different designs and fabrics – from plush to velvet, leather to sheer, everything kept in a monochrome-gothic inspired color range and a mix of womens and mens fashion.
Of course this collection includes footwear – high heels, over knees and a different creeper style than the ones we have seen before with an even chunkier platform than ever alongside other footwear styles.
You can really see Rihannas footprints on the collection and that’s why I’m sure it is going to be another big success for both the brand and the singer – If it not already is.

Rihanna said her inspiration is today’s Japanese street culture – mixing that cultural influence with gothic overtones and exaggerated volumes and proportions.
“She challenged the traditional male and female silhouettes and blurred the lines between genders that are often too figid for her fashion tastes. Rihanna introduced styles such as a ground-sweeping Kimono Robe, Tear Away Tricot, Track Suits, an attitude punched Lace-Up Jersey Corset, dresses and bodysuits. In her first collection, she played with shapes creating exaggerated long sleeve tops and jackets and voluminous hoodies and crew necks. Each piece embodies a sexiness with a tough-as-nails attitude.”

The collection is set to arrive in September 2016, so keep your piggy bank alive for a little longer before you kill it for good.


What piece is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below ❤

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