MEET | Hannah Roses

Meet the Babe behind the jewelry brand Hannah Roses

Hannah Rose Skolnick is a young jewelry entrepreneur from Salt Lake City and has always been fascinated with adornment and body decoration, and started making her own custom jewelry from a young age.

She seriously started making jewelry in 2012 when she got introduced to laser cutting by her University, seeing the different possibilities to create with this kind of technology allowed her to combine her professional training as a Graphic Designer with her passion for accessories as an expression of self.

“I’m passionate about what I do because I think that creating beautiful handmade things is what humans were meant to do and that it’s important and essential to create and share what you create with other people”

After making jewelry as a Hobby for friends she started her online shop in 2014 under the name Hannah Roses and the response she got was overwhelming and she knew that this is what she wanted to do!


Today Hannahs shop offers over 50 products not only laser cut acrylic pieces but she was able to expand to making gold and silver plated metal pieces…

…but see for yourself and get a little behind the scenes of Hannah Roses:


Shop at :
Instagram : @hannahroses

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