Karl Kani x Showcase 2015

What would you do if Karl Kani asked you to come to his Showcase?
Exactly, you pack your stuff an go!!

It took place in an old cinema called Residenz, in Cologne.
While we were waiting for the show to start, the DJ warmed us up with some nice tunes.
Laying back in the seats you could feel the vibe and it’s charm,
it’s an amazing location for a fashion show.

The show itself began with Mike Leon Grosch, Brand Manager e.g. Black Kaviar, leading us through the day.
We got to see a video about Karl Kani himself, and the whole development of the brand, followed by the performance of Inkmonstarr and the “Got To Dance” winner Majid Kessab and his crew.
Believe me, when I tell you, both artists really killed it!…


…Then, the moment we were here for – Karl Kani introduced us to the new collection, he mainly worked on with the Designer Anna and Sven Voth, the executive director of Snipes.

In this collection they concentrate on an uncomplicated combination of casual and sophisticated minimalism.
Using the go-to fabrics at the moment – neoprene and mesh.
But yet the line is still feminine for the ladies, due to cut out elements and mesh details.
Using bright but calm shades of colors like black, white, red and blue, each piece has it’s own charism.
As you’ve may read it in my recent posts, its the year of the logo elastics
and of course Karl Kani got it all covered.

The whole line is perfectly matched and that’s what I love about it –
You don’t need to get a two piece, you can combine every piece individually.

It’s safe to say; This collection is timeless and every piece a fashion statement.

See for yourself and get an exclusive sneak peek on the new Line of Karl Kani, launching this fall 2015

“So I decided, I wanna go out there and be a fashion brand to dress Hip Hop”
And with these great minds behind, Karl Kani did it again!

It was an amazing day, with good vibes, good music, good food and great people!

Thanks Karl Kani, for letting me be a part of it!

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