Ravani x Fenna Lang

I find that my own voice is strongest through my creativity, and as 2020 has shown us if you feel the urge to do or say, do not hesitate because time will always be of the essence…Which is why I’m proud to share my very first collaboration with @ravaniberlin.

I wanted to put a spotlight on a huge part of myself and what inspired me growing up, so this one is for;

the icons who shaped us, the stars that captivated us, the endless hours of music videos on TRL that inspired us, and the personalities who paved the way and gave us the strength to be our authentic self right today. Being youthfully innocent, doing shenanigans with the homies, and finding our true selves through our communities… This shirt represents all the people I met along this path that led me to where I am today, and all the similarities that ultimately brought so many of us, so close together. With this, @ravaniberlin and I pay homage to that era, bringing back the feeling of that time, and the nostalgia we all share. ✨
RELEASE: 23.06.2020, 9PM CEST at www.rvni.club/

Pictures by @leau.rel

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