Karl Kani x Dom Gallery ~ The Resurrection Exhibition



It’s been a big year for Karl Kani, following the success of the Fresh Dressed Documentary (now available on Netflix) and the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic showing some of his iconic pieces…

But last weekend felt like we are all part of it. Karl Kani and the Dom Gallery in L.A resurrected the 90’s fashion vibe, showcasing all vintage one of a kind pieces and launching his current collection at the Dom. Fashion die-hards lined up and packed the walls of the gallery to dance and celebrate the legacy.



The Originator was joined by  Anthony Anderson, Karen Civil, Kayla Pratt, Steve Lobel, rapper Kurupt and other original Hip Hop influencers, including Demetrius Shipp Jr who plays the late Tupac in the biopic ‘All Eyez On Me”.

“I wanna let people feel the culture, and noone could do this but me!” ~ Karl Kani

I know it sucks you haven’t been there but it’s not over yet – maybe “The Resurrection” Exhibition will soon hit your city, and until that catch the vibes for yourself…


Get your Karl Kani pieces now at
The Dom Gallery 700 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles
or karlkani.com


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