The incident in Orlando was the actual trigger of discussion but this is no longer about Orlando, it’s about something we need now more than ever


At some point we all find ourselves wondering, in what world do we live, where we accept that systemic racism and misogyny are killing people of color, people of LGBTQ, people of religion? In that time of daily emerging hatred, populists conquering the world by using our frustration, anxiety and the surrounding chaos against us:
They divided ourselves among caste, creed, culture and countries but what is undivided…. Let us recognize that we are all part of each other.

How can we use fashion as a medium of our expression without seperation?

Today ARTIII comes to life -the work of 24 upcoming fashion journalists and Fabian Hart, who felt the need to do something, and set the statement “position instead of pose”
We have designed a Solidari-T, whose logo stands for Article 3 of our Basic Law. 
That every human being is equal before the law, seems to have fallen into oblivion lately.
However, our constitution is not a legal theory – it must be lived by all of us.
ARTIII is intended to demonstrate that and bring our basic right of equality into the streets.

The Solidari-T is now available in limited edition for 40€ on artdrei.bigcartel.com.
All proceeds will be donated to Basis und Woge, supporting young people who are exposed to discrimination because of sexuality, skin color, origin or religion.

Pola Fendel and Thekla Wilkening from Kleiderei and PR-girlboss Melody Michelberger supported us during the process, as well as the embroidery ElbstickerMarlowe Nature and Glore Store Hamburg, which provided us as sponsors with fair trade T-shirts.

We also had strong support by realfluencer who stand for the diversity in our society and want to make sure that ARTIII is not an option

Fotos Protagonisten : Marlen Stahlhuth
Gruppenbild ARTIII  :  Roman Rätzke


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