ONYGO|Fenna Lang x Karl Kani : Sweatpants Meets High-Heels

Last week I had the opportunity to share my story on how- or more like what got me into streetwear, on the ONYGO blog. [READ HERE] But since their online magazine is written in German a lot of you wished to read it in English as well, so here I am translating it for you ❤️


What emerged from the simple question “Can I?” became a worldwide-renowned name. When you hear Karl Kani, you think of the originator of Streetwear Fashion. Hip-Hop legends like Aaliyah, Tupac, Notorious BIG and NAS count to his supporters since Day 1 and rightly wore Kani as a fashion statement.

“I came to LA with $ 1,000, a bag full of dreams and a few samples. I did not know how to do it “- but since then, Karl Kani has made a name for himself and his brand. His pieces represent both the streets and the golden era of Hip-Hop aka of the 90s and he is still known as Godfather of Urban Streetwear.

“The funny thing about this collection is that all our parents were complaining about us wearing baggy clothing and when you are a young teenager you never listen. So as our parents complained, we made our clothes, even more, baggier, which created a billion dollar street business – thanks, mama.” – K.K.

Who can remember their first streetwear piece? When I was around eleven years I got a huge gray crewneck, with a fat-embroidered Karl Kani logo on the chest. That’s what started it all for me. Every week I would run to the local store and look out for the latest pieces they had coming in. All of them of course three sizes bigger, but Luckily I kept most of the pieces because now they fit.

Back then for me, Kani was a brand with a great influence in something that has developed into a passion over the years – urban fashion and music.
He combined and perfecting these elements with his brand and that is something that no one can ever take away from him – the emotional value and, above all, the memories that we associate with it.



Karl Kani Strap Top
Karl Kani Bubble Coat available in November [here]
Karl Kani Sweatpants original sample from 1995
Fashion Nova Boots 

Photography: @avsthtc

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